Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Welcoming March: I Finally Found....

  I finally back after no post for 2 weeks, hehe.. Because recently I lost my private photographer, lol. I'm joking, she's busy with her work, so that she doesn't had time for snap me some pictures. And she's sick right now. Hope she'll recover soon o:D (so that I don't need to use tri-port and do it myself -_-)

Mmm, by the way my post title is related with 2 things I love. First, March is my month (wohoo~!), second I have found a new watches that I wanted for so long. Yes! I finally found a somewhat similar vintage/classic square Casio watch with Patricia Prieto's. Since I don't have much time on my college day, I never had a chance to hunt this gorgeous watch. Ahh, I really love this watch <3

I don't have any idea last night for mix and match my arm candy.

Studs detail

Casual look, with studs shirt and skirt-pants. With only two picture of myself, how do you think about the look? Is it too simple?

It's really a bad post from me, and I'm too lazy to edit the color. I just post them ORIGINAL, without any filter. And last words, have a nice day everyone! Hehe ^^;

Shirt:Thrifted Store
Skirt-pants: Zara
Bag: Prada
Shoes: iwearUP
Watch: Casio
Ring: Beau-Shop