Monday, July 29, 2013


I think it's been 2 months since my last post (?) oh my gosh, too busy at school and whenever I had time it's always turned to 'no photographer' -___- seriously!! But now, I'm back ;)

Oh yes, I've got something not really important to say, haha.. From now on, I'll give you guys a properly picture of me with the outfits, because... I already have a DSLR camera, yay!! And for an amateur-beginner like me (and my sister), we decide to use the current lens and the picture turn out like this:

What do you think about the outfit and the pic's quality? Kekekeke~
I actually love this shorts from Mango, and it's caught my eyes as soon as I enter the corner where it hung. I'd wore it several times and it's remind me of summer because of the tropical leaf print. It loose material really suit the hot weather.

(I didn't know that the bracelet were twisted -_-)
T-Shirt: Paperflavor
Shirt: Giordano
Shorts: Mango
Mini Satchel: Topshop
Shoes: AdorableProjects
Bracelet: Thrifted Store

I'll see you on the next post. Annyeong! ^o^/