Sunday, February 3, 2013

Button on Button

A-yo guys! Wassup?! Haha.. I feel like I'm going crazy :s because tomorrow will be our first day of exams!! Huhu T.T wish me luck guys >.<q

How was your January anyway? I had a lot of fun with my friend :) We celebrates Jessica's birthday with her boyfriend and open up a bottle of red wine. I also went to the salon with Jessica (actually not only both of us, the others also accompany but not join), and then playing badminton together. All happened in first month of 2013 and it's my first time doing it together with my friends! :D

As welcoming a new month, I tried something I had never done before, wearing an ankle-lenght skirt! I don't know if it fits me or not, but I just wanted to try it .__.
How do you guys think? ('u')

The view from the rooftop is awesome (I think :p)

Top: Thrifted Store
Long Skirt: Zara
Satchel Bag: Thrifted Stroe
Bracelet/Ring: Beau-Shop and Hermès
Wedges: iwearUP