Thursday, November 15, 2012

Harbour 9

Hi everyone!! I know it's been such a very looooongg time since I updated my blog. It's because my father has passed away on 1st May :(  I don't really have a mood to update my blog since then and decided to take a hiatus. But from now on I'll try to update the blog :)

I wear these outfit when going to lunch with my sister and her boyfriend. We went to Harbour 9 and I think this place is a kind of sailor themed cafe. I don't have a chance to take some its interior picture because the place was filled with people who are enjoying their one-day holiday, lol. Maybe I'll take some pictures when I go there again and post it on my blog ;)
By the way, I guess my today's outfit theme is Floral :D floral skirt and floral bangle, haha ^^

The photos took place on my rooftop where my uncle put many kind of Bonsai. I don't understand the art of Bonsai, but I love this one. Stupid me that forgot to take a detailed photo of it -__-"

Shirt: Montego
Skirt: Thrifted Store
Constance Bag: Hermès
Bangle: Thrifted Store
Ring: Beau-Shop
Shoes: Thrifted Store

Annyeong~ ^0^ 뿅!!

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  1. I just nominated you in liebster award.. check my blog ^^